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TERMS & CONDITIONS (KYR) is a public facing web site built and maintained by human beings; using tools and technologies which are also the byproducts of human beings; for the purpose of displaying and distributing text, image and video content created by human beings; so said content can be consumed and shared with other human beings eighteen years of age and above. Therefore, any expectation of perfection should be dismissed immediately. KYR is not responsible for any errors, omissions, mistakes, misquotes, misrepresentations, earthquakes, or rain in January (when there should be snow). Content contributed by entities other than KYR and the KYR staff will be the sole responsibility of that third party. KYR provides no warranties, guarantees, commitments or promises and is offered “as is”.

Furthermore, any preception of expertise or authority of the contributors and/or the content should also be dismissed immediately. The contributors and content should be considered subjective and it too is offered “as is”. The content and opinions presented on KYR do not necessarily reflect the opinions and experience of KYR, the KYR staff or any of the contributors other than the entity authoring and publishing the blog post. KYR is not responsible, either directly or indirectly, for any ill or harm that might result from your usage of the site. There could be instances where the sports, activites, venues, and attractions might be consider dangerous. Please use your best judgement and discression at all times. There will always be risk and it is your responsibilty to mitigate that risk if you choose to participate in anything as a result of your visit to

If by chance you are in some way not satisfied with your visit to, please let us know – KYRhq (at)

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