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10 August 2011

Interview: Bow Thayer - Part 2

Here it comes again…Tweed River Music Festival #3. TRMF3 kicks off this Friday 12 August and runs through Sunday 14 August, 2011. Grab the kids and the camping gear and head for Stockbridge Vermont. The forecast is happiness for as far as the eye can see.

Here’s the link to Interview: Bow Thayer – Part 1 in case you missed it.

Also, when I spoke with Bow this morning he mentioned that this year’s TRMF is being filmed and will eventually be released as a documentary. Not only will there be great music and get times but this is also your chance to be a part of history.

Mark @ KYR—Let’s jump back to Tweed. The festival’s line up is coherent yet eclectic. It seems more orientated to creating a vibe than focusing on a particular type of music. How does something like that come together? Do you start with a core list and then add as you go? More fluid? Less?
Bow Thayer—Yes, it is a very eclectic line up. We focus on creating a positive vibe. We want people to hear music they are not normally exposed to and we encourage having an open ear. Most of the bands have some connection in some way or another to Perfect Trainwreck: by sharing bills, being in other bands together, producing records or just jamming from time to time. It really is a musical community in itself. But we also look for other bands we have never experienced to increase the reach of the loop.

Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck

KYR—I’m not going to put you on the spot and ask you to pick favorites. But who are your three underdogs for this year’s festival? Who’s going to leave the masses thinking they missed something special? Who’s going to solidify their position as a must return for 2012?
BT—If you look at past years line-ups you will see we do have some favorites. Tim Gerean, Roadsaw, Rick Redington, etc…I have no idea who three underdogs will be. You will have to come to the fest and see for yourself. Then again one group may be a hero to some and a horror to another. That is just what happens when you introduce such diversity. It’s also why we ask folks to be open and realize it’s about the whole moment and not so much how they feel about this music or that.

KYR—Once TRMF3 is done, what’s coming up for Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck? Up coming gigs? Maybe a new album? Or even just a couple new songs?
BT—After the Fest we will just keep plugging along. We are doing a show in Pomfret (  with our good friend Levon Helm later in August. I have nearly completed writing and making demos for the follow-up album to “Bottom of the Sky” so I hope to keep busy with recording and hopefully more touring.

KYR—Before I take too much of your time, tell us about your recording studio “The Woodshed”.
BT—Man, that is a question that could fill a book. I started it over 10 years ago, now it’s finally done and ready to be worked in. What’s amazing is that 100% of the materials used to build “The Woodshed” came from salvage or other second hand sources—even dumpsters made contributions. We’ve actually done some recording with a local guy named Spencer Lewis ( Do look out for that. Naturally, Perfect Trainwreck is available if someone needs musicians. Anyone who’s interested in coming up and recording at the “Woodshed” can contact me through my website. The welcome mat is out and we’ll even leave the light on. Just come and get it.

KYR—The stage is yours Bow…please send out some love.
BT—Thanks to my wife Lori, as well as Rob McFadden and his wife Lindsay. Jeremy Curtis my business partner for the festival. Our sound guy Tim Mikovitz deserves some love too. I’d like to thank all the volunteers who are making this thing work, as well as the town of Stockbridge. I also need to give special thanks to all the artist who signed on with TRMF this year. It’s everyone’s participation that makes this event what it is. Please come out and join us. I hope to see ya there.

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