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6 June 2011

The Official Launch of—The World’s First Vermont-centric URL Shortener

Killington, VT – Killington Year Round (KYR, announces the official public beta launch of its initial sibling website ( is the world’s first Vermont-centric URL shortener. It also offers capabilities for quick and easy sharing to social media websites.

“Move over Step aside Here comes A free web based service that is soon to be the pride and joy of the Green Mountain State,” said Mark Simchock, founder and Ring Leader of Killington Year Round, with a proud but playful grin on his face. Mark is also the visionary force behind is based on the open source software of YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener, With that foundation of programming code in place, adds a number of innovations and Vermont-centric touches. These highlights include: - The world's first Vermont-centric URL shortener.—Once a URL is shoterned it can be easily emailed or shared to any social media platform supported by AddThis ( Currently, AddThis has 350 options including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Digg and plenty of others.

—Prior to shortening the user can enter a single short message that will be available for sharing via AddThis. In other words, one shortening+message can yield many social media shares with minimal effort.

—’ main background image will feature sights from around Vermont as taken by Vermont photographers. Interested photographers are asked to use the contact form on the website. Look for the letter/envelope icon in the upper right hand corner.

— is able to re-shorten already shortened URLs. For example, submit a URL and will unshorten it, then re-shorten it and return a based URL. does not re-shorten shortened URLs.

In the age of brevity, size still matters. And in keeping with the times, is doing more with less. As a result of’ hard work Vermonters and pro-Vermonters have a URL shortening option that is not generic (e.g., That option is—The world’s first Vermont-centric URL shortener. makes it simple and easy to subtly promote the Green Mountain State in the digital age.  Try it here:


Mark Simchock—For convenience there are contact forms on both and

About Killington Year Round

Killington Year Round (KYR, is an Internet based communications platform architected to enable and enhance the conversation between community content creators (i.e., local businesses and organizations) and interested content consumers (i.e., The Public).

More than just a website, KYR is a philosophy based on inclusiveness and transparency. KYR believes that community is best defined holistically, and that participation is driven by the availability and consumability of information. The broader and more complete the picture the better. Killington and Central Vermont have a lot to offer and KYR’s mission is to making sharing any relevant content as easy as possible via the KYR website, social media as well as traditional media.

What is a URL shortener?

With the explosion of SMS based messaging and social media websites (e.g., Twitter), the sharing of full length URL is often nearly impossible. A URL shortening website takes a submitted full length URL and shortens it by replacing the URL with what is essentially a unique code. While that code might not be plain English, it is shorter. When the shorter URL is used the traffic comes to the shortener site, the code is interpreted and traffic is quickly redirected to the original full length URL.

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