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7 April 2011

Saturday at BMMC 2011

If there was a song of the day it was the Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” with a slight difference of course. On lead vocals the mighty Mick Jones was replaced by Old Man Winter, and on backing vocals the one and only Joe Strummer—God bless his soul— was replaced by Mother Nature. It was obvious OMW couldn’t make up his mind. From mischievous snow squalls, to spit in your eye blue skies and back again…and again. Saturday afternoon’s weather playlist was conflicted and rebellious. Yes, it was still fun too.

It’s certainly no secret that there’s been a change in the direction of the BMMC since the resort’s new ownership took over. In many many, this is understandable. In recent years the reverie of the BMMC crowd had occasionally been getting a bit over the top. Regardless, every new king is entitled to clean house and set a new direction for his kingdom. It’s the nature of power changing hands. There’s no sense fighting history or capitalism.

However, there is also plenty of grumbling about King Nyberg & his court and the lack of new traditions to replace the old traditions they’ve purposefully eliminated. Specifically with regards to BMMC there’s an awkward irony in wanting to curtail drinking and then land a sponsor that peddles alcohol. Or is the new tradition BMMC souvenir pint glasses—again, alcohol oriented—for a whopping ten bucks a pop? Hummmm, really? That’s where we’re headed?

And then there’s the contributing issue of the established marketing identity, The Beast. Sure it’s catchy and cute. However, this going back to the future monicker also sets certain expectations, does it not? The Beast of the East was more than just a slogan. So it’s no wonder so many continue to be “confused.” The Beast they know and love doesn’t seem to exist any more. It’s perfectly reasonable for them to ask, “Where was The Beast this past weekend?” King Nyberg, we welcome the new prosperity you promise. On the other hand, do your people have to be deceived and denied so much to get there?

Now before ya all get your fleece glove liners all up in bunch, let the record show that these are not criticisms coming directly from the mouth of the KYR messenger. They are simply mirroring the chatter in the gondolas, on the chairs, down the access road, and beyond. Relax, these are objective observations, not subjective editorial. There is plenty of positive passion that has solidified over the years, regardless of who owned the hill. Is there no way to harness that power to the benefit of the entire area? Lead us dear king, that’s all that we ask for.

Let’s hope that next year there will be  improved clarity in message and direction that leads to an upward swing in attendees and new passions. More quality photo ops are always a good thing. More smiling faces please. Dear king? Please?

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