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27 January 2011 :: One comment

Gatorade Free Flow Tour, Lucky Snowboards & Zack Foster

A couple months back, through the magic of Facebook, KYR connected with one of the new kids on the must-love-snow block, Lucky Snowboards ( While Lucky is Cali based there is actually a metaphorical  connection to the Green Mountains. Lucky is one of growing number of companies and brands dedicated to having fun and being eco-conscious. In other words, Lucky aims to be green. This bit was nicked off their just launched website:

Lucky Snowboards is committed to giving you the highest quality boards while saving the earth at the same time. We use Eco-friendly products in our construction and our website is powered by 100% wind energy. Yet our products are nothing less than high performance, super strong and super light, full wrap high carbon steel edge, solid Bamboo core and P-Tex sidewalls. And if that wasn’t enough our boards are made in the USA, home of some of the best boarding in the world! Be part of the solution ride GREEN!

And they’re Made in the USA too?!?! See! We knew you’d be thanking us for sharing this.

Lucky Snowboards (

As luck would have it—seriously, no pun intended—the Gatorade Free Flow Tour ( is rolling into Ktown this weekend (29-30 January 2011) and Lucky rider Zack Foster competed at the GFFT at Mountain High (Cali) a couple weeks back. With the hope of inspiring some East Coast ams, we whipped up an informal interview with the 16 year old Mr. Foster as he stood at the top spot of the podium for the 2011 USASA Slopestyle comp at Mt. High.

Zack Foster (Lucky Snowboards) - 1st Place 2011 USASA Slopestyle at Mt. High

Mark @ KYR—From sponsored surfer in Hawaii, to sponsored snowboarder, pardon the pun but you’re one lucky guy. What’s it like to be you?
Zack Foster—It feels good to be me, living my dream. It’s the life I love and not very many kids my age get the chance to do this. So I’m loving fulfilling my dream in The Snowboard World.

KYR—How was competing at the GFFT comp?
ZF—The Gatorade free flow comp was really fun. It could have been a little bigger but other then that top ten is cool to do cause last season I didn’t even think about doing it. It was a step up. I placed 7th but next year I’m sure I’ll do even better.

KYR—You’re riding for Lucky…How did that happen? What are you riding for them?
ZF—I got connected with Lucky Snowboards I would say by luck. My mom was actually on the Mt. High website and saw a pop-up of Lucky Snowboards. She sent them my footage they liked my style and signed me up. Right now I am riding the 152 bullet urban style and I love it because I love the standard boards that are flexible for jibs and stiff enough for jumps. I’m proud to be riding for Lucky Snowboards and what they are doing with their
part in the pro-green campaign.

KYR—What’s next for Zack Foster?
ZF—Big sponsors more publicity and new tricks…I’m coming in with a whole new approach this year.

KYR—Wanna send out some love?
ZF—I wanna sent some love to Lucky Snowboards for showing me all their efforts and to my mom who shows me hundred percent support everyday!

KYR—Thanks for taking the time Zack.
ZF—Hey, thank you KYR. Patrick and Michelle at Lucky say thanks too.

Hopefully the connection between the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, Lucky Snowboards, and Zack Foster wasn’t too much of a stretch for ya all. As for all you ams, the question is, who’s got what it takes to be the next Zack Foster? Come out this weekend and show us all wotcha got.

For more info on GFF 2011 at Killington Resort see this post: Hey Ams! Gatorade Free Flow Tour is Coming!!

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1 comment to Gatorade Free Flow Tour, Lucky Snowboards & Zack Foster

  • Michelle - Lucky Snowboards

    Thanks KYR, GFF Tour and all of our supporters! We are looking forward to an awesome 2011.

    Lucky Snowboards Krew





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