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23 January 2011

Dew Tour Highlights - Day 3

It must be nice to be a weatherperson. You can make a prediction, impact people’s plans, be wrong (sometimes very), and continue to be gainfully employed. As they say, “Great work if you can get it.” Yesterday’s Dew Tour Day 3 was a perfect example. Yes, it was a bit too the below-average side of cold, but it was minor at best. My gawd, as you’ll see in the slide show, there were toddlers who roughed it and seemed to be lovin’ every minute of it. Smiles outnumbered complaints about the cold at least a thousand-to-one.

Allegedly cold or not, the Dew winter athletes did not disappoint—both when working and when coming out from behind their desk. You don’t really understand the meaning of amplitude and difficulty until you’re standing pipe-side or slope-side and it happens right in front of it. Anyone who believes 140 characters is close enough needs to pull their head out of their Twitter. That’s right, the Dew Tour and Killington Resort was the real deal.

The highlight of the day (at least for me), was an unplanned and candid conversation I had with Louie Vito’s dad. I just so happened to be taking a break sitting on the back of the flatbed truck they had at the Toyota tent. To my left was Louie Vito doing some post half pipe victory autograph signing. Not only is Louie a world class professional but the guy is  a true gentleman as well. I wish I had twenty bucks for every time I heard him sincerely say to one of the fans, “Thanks. And thank you for coming out to see me…”.

And then eventually to my right a spontaneous  conversation magically appeared with a guy who turned out to be Louie’s dad. Let’s just say you can tell where Louie got it from. Maybe going big takes a big heart too? Mr. Vito, thanks for taking the time to chat. Your bit about the athlete competing against themselves and not each other made me wonder if the whole country doesn’t have something to learn from that statement. It was refreshing to not only see such a successful but humble athlete at his best, but at the same time to also meet the behind the scenes guy who made it happen, literally. Another great moment in Killington Year Round history.  Wow!

And now let’s rewind and replay the moment…

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