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13 January 2011

Interview: Mr. Rick Redington

First, KYR would like to remind you that Rick Redington and The Luv are playing tonight (13 January 2011) at the Wobbly Barn. In case you missed the article about a week ago you might also want to check out:

The Return of Rick Redington & The Luv (4 January 2011)

For those of who don’t already know, Mr. Redington has been a perennial icon of the Central Vermont music scene for many, many moons. Sometimes solo, and sometimes teaming with The Luv, Rick & Co always bring good music and good times to wherever they perform. And by the way, we’re not talking Jersey Shore styled cover band either. This crew is a bunch of true artists/musicians. So to sustain the buzz for tonight’s show we did a brief (and lightly edited) email interview with Rick.

Rick Redington & The Luv (Killington, Vermont)

Mark @ KYR—This is the first Winter season in quite some time that you don’t have a regular gig on the Killington Access Road. Talk to us about that change. I’m sure it was disappointing, but even many immediate disappointments have an upside over time.
Rick Redington—Yes. Killington is awesome. I have cut my teeth, honed my craft and shared some of the most inspired performances from the locals, as well as great folks from all over the globe for 20 years or so!

Way back, Frank Chase came into a small dive bar in Rutland where I was playing for about $25 and free beer and invited me up to play at Cascades as he and the late Don Grey played The Mountain Inn at “The Chase Lounge”. This would have been mid to late 80s and what a wicked thrill that was from the place I had just been playing.

I was living in my first apartment with heat and lights being turned off and one can of Corned Beef Hash to split with my dog when the phone rang! No joke. I went from flat broke to earning great money as a young man in his mid 20s! I would ride that wave through many clubs up there but most notably for 15 years or so at The Nightspot/Outback where I began performing my own original music. That was key.

After the original ownership changed so did the vibe of the place and I moved on down the road to Jax. There we sort of developed the room and I spent another few years developing my looping jams on the fly to the more than gracious locals who would let me do what I felt. Music is my lifeblood and I can’t fake the emotions or rhythms or vibrations that come out on any one given night. It’s always important that the vibe is right!
Being in competition with ten flatscreens, and four video games a DJ and the many other distractions that can occur doesn’t always yield the best atmosphere. The music should be able to stand on its own and be entertaining and original enough to hold peoples attention for that measly little couple of hours a day you might listen. (Smiles.)

Locals Night which ran for over 15 Years in this sweet little town were all about the listeners and the support I was given. (More smiles.) About a year ago I decided to take a break from it and travel more. The Luv and myself did about 40 shows in 46 days and had one of the best summers ever. It was an eye opener and a confirmation that it was time to leave the Killington nest for awhile…

KYR—The plus is, you and The Luv are back in town. Only one night but as they say, “Where there’s smoke there’s
fire.” I’m sure you and The Luv are jazzed to play.
RR—Being that it’s almost a year since I’ve seen and played and hugged many of my family of friends on The Mountain…I would say HELL YES we are so charged to come and play. The Wobbly is a great stage with sweet sound and lights. Tonight! I don’t think the band has slept. (Smiles.)

KYR—You’ve got some other gigs coming up right?
RR—Always! From here to PA, ME,CT,NJ,NY,VA,OH, and wherever they will have us and our music! Blake and Heather are just the best bandD ever in that they support me unconditionally and give it all they have at each show! I luv you guys!!! You can also check the Shows section of our website .

KYR—What else should we be looking for from you and/or The Luv? You’re about to release a CD or DVD, right?
RR—Yes! We will get our new CD titled “The Circus” done by spring touring season. This release features Frank Chase, a K-town hero who I mentioned above, The New Riders of the Purple Sage’s Buddy Cage (on pedal steel) and David Nelson (on mandolin), as well as a few other great surprises.

We also have a new DVD that was filmed one night at The Paramount Theatre in Rutland, Vt. It was full house that night. The DVD is dedicated to our friend, the late great Sandra Wright who left us that very same evening and was supposed to be on the bill with us and The Marble City Swing Band. We will also start work on two more CD projects as we get our touring schedule lined up for this season. California is on the horizon too!

If you want keep up with us please check, and also Naturally, we’re on Facebook too so please hook up with us there.

KYR—I’ve seen your occasional status updates on Facebook about your kids taking up music. That must be an amazing feeling. But there’s also got to be thoughts about the struggle as a “starving artist” too, eh?
RR—It goes like this…Kids I want you to be doctors or engineers, or maybe a vet. But anything but a musician! It’s a hard hard life and many don’t even make it to 40!! But alas…it’s in their blood and they won’t be denied. (Big crap eatin’ dad smile.)

This New Years Heather was stranded in Ohio with family and couldn’t make it home for our show in Ct. My two children Ben (age 10, bass) and Maya (age 13, vocals & sax) traveled with me and played the show! We have done shows and traveled on The Luv bus before and every time is such an immense thrill! Heather’s girl 10 Zoe (also age 10) also joins us and we become a real family Luv band. (Smiles.)

My kids are my two very best friends. I have never laughed harder or loved stronger. To have them share with me and our friends and fans of themselves…well…geeeeezzz…I don’t even have the words right now. (More smiles.) Summertime is when school is out, the kids be rockin’ with The Luv.

KYR—What else, did I miss anything?
RR—We just wanna send much Luv out to our Killington family and say we are coming home for a big show tonight! Please come out and share your Luv.

Mark @ KYR—Thanks Rick! We’re all really looking forward to tonight.
Rick Redington—Yeah, thank you KYR. See ya all tonight!

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