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1 January 2011

Share Your Photo Love With Killington Year Round

Happy New Year ya all! Have fun last night? Or this past week? How about sending your photos to KYR so we can toss together a “Best of” Flickr set?  Killington Resort Showshed sunset 31 Dec 2010 (thumb b&w)OK, it’s not quite 15 minutes of fame but let’s see what happens if we ask for some input from the KYR masses. Why not, right?

Please follow these instructions:

—Keep’em Rated G or PG.
—We don’t need super high resolution so the file size should be under 3megs per photo.
—One photo attachment per email.
—Please include a brief caption. Name of people in the photo, where you’re from, where and when the photo took place, etc.
—Make sure everyone else in the photo approves of being on Flickr and KYR.
—Email your submissions to: UGC1 (at) KillingtonYearRound (dot) com
—Note: This is a special email address just for this effort. It will “expire” on Wednesday 5 January 2011.

Finally, KYR can not guarantee all shots will be included. If you don’t see your shot, don’t panic, there’s always next time. Thanks again.

And once again…Happy New Year!!!

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