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28 December 2009 :: 5 comments


Don’t mind our appearance, we just want to share our day by day progress, and be open to input and feedback as it happens. Obviously there is still quite a bit of styling, tweaking, etc. to do but the cornerstone is anchored.

If you have any feedback, etc. please use the Leave a comment link (below this post). Or you can email KYR directly to:  KYRhq (at)

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KYR Overview


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5 comments to Under Construction

  • Guys…I definitely like the simple layout with the snowflake background up top. The striped background has to go though. :p

    The categories look good except that the calendar should be a calendar app page (with ICS subscribing capability) AND the Gallery should be a photo specific page. Neither should be categories of “blog” posts per say.

    What about the RSS feed links?

    Perhaps add a CSS trick to have opposite colors so I can have a dark background with white letters. Don’t forget the cookie with that preference so it’s the same next time I visit.

    Perhaps have popular posts (for the last 2 weeks or so) instead of the recent posts. We can see the recent posts by scrolling down.

    All in all…I like the clean look.

    ;) Ty

  • Thanks Ty.

    Yes, we’ll have RSS as well as a number of ways to stay connected.

    As for the gallery. Our view is slightly different in that content is content and that the idea is to make it as easy a possible to share, comment on, subscribe to, etc. Is there a particular benefit you see in segregating that photos/video from the rest of the content? Granted, that is the traditional (usually static site) approach, but our belief is that there are far more benefits to making the blog area as complete and inclusive as possible.

  • Paul C.

    I clicked calendar and just got a post. Is that how it’s going to work? I expected to see an actual calendar.

  • Fallcrush

    Great concept. Obviously, I would hope the local chamber of commerce gets involved, and local businesses provide support. KYR needs a year-round look to it’s face/home page. A particularly biased comment is this: there is a big difference between eating and dining. For this reason, I don’t like “Eat.” Breaking Bread…Wining and Dining…any thing but Eat.

  • Thanks Fall,

    All good points. Please allow HQ to reply.

    The concept is built around a community group effort. However, participation is voluntary. We anticipate most will embrace it and some might not. That’s to be expected.

    Yes, as the seasons change so will the look and images of the site. For example, some of the blues will becomes green in the Spring and yellow in the Summer and so on.

    Vermont is fortunate in that slow foods is not some new foodie trend but a fact of life. For example, a festival or harvest is Food, not dining. When we were able we selected categories that are verbs, as well as universal. We also wanted our scope to extend beyond just dining. True, the categories might be somewhat simple but there’s a reason for that too :)

    Thanks again for your feedback. As we fine tune the machine we’ll be certain to consider your input.

    Happy New Year,





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