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26 March 2012

The Maiden Voyage of the Winter Tweed Carnival

Aaahh yes, Tweed. The music. The myth. The New England legend. Colorful, unpretentious and always fascinating. Tweed.

Bow, Rob and the rest of their collective were aiming high once more. They had to, there was plenty to rise up against. The last few months had not been easy for the steady as she goes Green Mountain State. The blessed Mother Nature had dealt a couple gut wrenching body blows to Vermont. Irene dumped unprecedented amounts of precipitation which resulted in massive damage and disruption. If that wasn’t enough, this past Winter resulted in what could best be described as a snow drought. Too much and then not enough. Thanks for nuttin’ ma.

Then this past weekend, in Mother Nature’s wake, came the maiden voyage of the Winter Tweed Carnival at Pico Mountain (Killington, VT). Fortunately for the hungry (i.e., music lovers and Tweed followers) who attended, Tweed had all the best hands on deck. Friday night dawned Flowing Bridge, Goldtown and Waylond Speed got the rock rolling forward. Then Saturday’s lineup increased the momentum with close to twelve hours of nearly non-stop, high-seas music adventure. Holy Plow, Crunchy Western Boys, Scott Ricciuti and Pistol Whipped, Township, Andrea Gillis Band, White Dynamite and fittingly the night was closed out by Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck.

Aaahh yes, Tweed.

Take note Mother Nature, the spirit of Tweed is alive and well in Central Vermont. And as you can see we have the pictures to prove it.

Additional photos on Flickr from Saturday 24 March 2012

Best of :: As embedded above

Set 1 :: Holy Plow

Set 2 :: Crunchy Western Boys

Set 3 :: Scott Ricciuti and Pistol Whipped

Set 4 :: Township

Set 5 :: Andrea Gillis Band

Set 6 :: White Dynamite

Set 7 :: Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck

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