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24 January 2012 :: One comment

Snow bunnies? Sno! Bunnies!!

Different strokes for different folks, as they say. And even in the middle of Dew weekend, the adage held true. The tour guide for the evening—aka yours truly—spelled out the usual Saturday night options and drew blank, if not slightly cold stares from the weekenders. So I paused, dug a bit deeper into the ol’ bag of tricks and shuttled JH & Crew off to Santa Fe for some smooth Myk Sno.

As expected, the vibe was chillin’ and in time the cold stares turned to warm bunny smiles. The talented Myk & Co. helped of course. But perhaps it was also the free round of drinks one daring (male) soul sent over that had something to do with the love for Myk Sno, Santa Fe and even the tour guide. Whatever the reason, I was just glad not to be rolled up in a carpet and stepped on. I hear they do that kinda stuff in the Flatlands.

The Saturday night luck rolled deeper still. Myk’s set was shortened at Santa Fe and relocated over to Outback Pizza. Joey Leone plus Myk equals a rhythm & bluesful rockin’ good time. Their collective version of the Bill Wither’s classic “Use Me”—which by the way is one of my all time faves—was smokin’ enough to get my old ass up off the bar stool and shufflin’ around a bit. Yeah, it was that good.

For the rest of the story I’m going to let the pictures do the talkin’.

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1 comment to Snow bunnies? Sno! Bunnies!!





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