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21 January 2012

Winter Dew Tour 2012: Photos Day 2

In retrospect, yesterday might have been a bit too good to be true. Mother Nature pushed back a bit on Day 2 and that push-back took the form of wind, wind and more wind. She squashed one of the slopestyle events and came close to doing the same in the super-pipe. Sarah Burke and the risks of going extra big were on the minds of many, and rightfully so.

Once again, let’s cut the KYR small talk and roll the photos…

Can’t see the slideshow? Try visiting ::

Critics please note that for the most part there is no post-production on these shots. Ultimately, the KYR objective of photographing events is to capture the moment. Sometimes those moments are not so perfect. And sometimes there’s not enough time for image correction. So here’s the fire hose, so to speak.

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